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Welcome to Motronix Auto online.

Motronix Auto has been in business in Marin County, California, since 1974. We provide personalized service to all our customers.

Customer Service

As a customer, you have a right to expect professional work from your mechanic. While giving "personalized" attention to each of our clients, we strive for excellence. We enjoy our work and it shows in the quality of our repairs and our restorations too. Years of experience goes into each and every one of our projects. Because we are a small shop, we can give you and your car the attention required. Many factors are taken into consideration when restoring a vehicle and we want to help you every step of the way. Check our photo gallery for some finished examples.

Dollars and Sense

When you bring your vehicle to Motronix Auto, we first provide a bumper to bumper evaluation at no charge. Together we can determine how much restoring you want done. Restoration or beautification? Many clients have asked this question over the years. We know that your budget is always a consideration on this point. We understand this and can help you determine how far to take your project. We understand that sometimes there is an emotional connection to your car. We can help you make an informed decision on just how much you should put into a particular vehicle.

Sometimes sentimentality can cloud a person's judgment. In one case we searched and found another vehicle for our client in better shape than his original. We showed him this other car, he purchased it, and used his original car as a parts donor. He ended up with a much finer restoration and it cost him less money. We have even taken on "basket cases". This has its own set of difficulties. Most often there are parts missing, so they need to be found or even made if necessary. All this adds to the time it takes to finish.

Body and Paint

Body & paint is by far the most expensive and time consuming part of any restoration. The paint is of course what everyone sees at first glance. It sets the stage for the rest of your restoration "statement". The more care that is put into painting the body, the longer your restoration will last. We take the time and use quality materials needed for a beautiful finish.

The Engine and Mechanical

The mechanical parts of your car are so very important for your safety and comfort. You and your passengers will appreciate the smooth ride of a good suspension, a quick stop when you need it, and power when you want it. We want to give you all three of these things to the best of your car's ability.


Here at Motronix, we do most of our own glass work. We also have two local upholstery shops we work with that turn out quality work.​

Parts Locating Service

Labor is only half the story in the life of an auto repair and restoration shop. The other half is parts. Replacement parts for newer models are usually in plentiful supply. But what about old vehicles? What about antiques? Collector's cars? We enjoy working on these mechanical gems from the glory days of automotive history. We have found that parts locating services often have their drawbacks. This task often involves some creative research and most importantly, contacts. We work with them to try and locate parts for your project.​

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1957 Morris Minor Traveler

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1976 BMW

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